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Star-Weather Forecast: Valentine's Day 2024 - "It's getting hot and steamy around here!"

This is a Star-Weather Forecast for Valentine’s Day 2024, Wednesday, February 14, for the collective (I'm using PST timezone, but the story arc is similar for all of North America).

You can also view the video version on Youtube:

On the evening of 2/14/2024, the collective ascendant in North America will transit through Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio from 6pm-1:30am roughly.

Starting around 8pm, Virgo ascendant lord Mercury will go into the 5th house of romance along with the Sun, Chariklo, Mars, Pluto, and Venus (Figure 1). This means as a collective, our thoughts and actions will inevitably be around the topic of romance and intimacy. The foreplay is also afoot and flirtatious energy strong with 3rd house lord Pluto in the 5th.

[Figure 1, below]

Overall, Mercury in the 5th with Chariklo is great for intimate communications that can be healing. Mercury's sign Aquarius ruler Uranus will be in the 8th house of intimacy from 8pm -10:00pm. While Uranus isn't the greatest indicator of romance, and neither is a stellium in the sign of Aquarius in the 5th house, the Uranus in the 8th connected to Mercury can suggest a potential for deepening the relationship by initially rocking the boat. A sudden revelation can create either an opening that deepens the relationship or a fissure that destabilizes it. Mercury/Uranus do square each other through the night, so it can cause disturbance when new information about the partner or relationship comes to light. A skillful way to use this is to be the witness to your partner's courage and reach for your own inner-vulnerability before giving your response, and communicate from a place of wanting deeper understanding instead of judgment.

Then at around 10:30pm, Libra ascendant Venus goes into 3rd, looks at Saturn in 5th, looks at Jupiter/Moon conjunction in 7th (Figure 2). This is conducive to pillow-talk, or being able to further ground intimacy through communications about the relationship.  (Jupiter/Moon conjuncts every month, so the conjunction is not that special. But they are conjuncting in the 7th house on the night of Valentine’s day 2024, which makes it synchronistic for the occasion). 

[Figure 2, below]

Then the collective ascendant goes to Scorpio (sign of sexuality) 11pm-1:30am (Figure 3), with maximum potency from 11pm-11:30pm, after which Jupiter/Moon leaves the 7th into the 6th, and it’s time to rejuvenate the body with sleep. But before then, Scorpio ascendant looks to Pluto-Mars in Aquarius 3rd, which answers to Uranus in 7th, allowing for continuous new insights into the relationship through sudden and perhaps groundbreaking realizations

[Figure 3, below]

So no matter which way we cut it, the energy of intimacy (emotional AND frankly, physical) are there 8-11:30pm. It’s not just love in the air, but love that’s grounded in the sharing of vulnerable information and relationship visions that lead to the possibility of emotional and physical healing, and deeper intimacy. (Chiron-NN conjunct in 7th then 6th, looking to Mars-Pluto conjunct in 5th/4th - the story arc of the night can literally be relational healing that leads to physical and sexual healing. The renewal energy is strong, just don't be afraid to look at the wounds).

As Chiron and North Node are coming into conjunction that leads to the 2/21 vulnerability period, this is great timing to lay some foundational work on intimacy, strengthen mutual bond through practical but deep conversations. Usually conversations that touch on logistics can be off-putting for a romantic night. But because Venus is in Capricorn answering to Saturn in Pisces (in 5th house of romance 9-11pm), answering to Jupiter/Moon conjunction in the 7th house of partnerships - the deep conversations about mutual goals and potential legacy for the relationship (i.e. kids, family, joint estate, etc.) can be stimulating

And I haven’t even dived into the Pluto-Mars conjunction yet. Yes, it’s a conjunction of war, but also a conjunction of sexual tension resolved in intimacy. This is the hot and steamy conjunction as mentioned in the title. Just a reminder that the conjunction has to look to Uranus-Venus-Saturn-Neptune as qualifiers. Meaning while you may feel the urge to get to intimacy, practice slowing down, gradually going deep into your vulnerability (only if mutual safety is first established), and connect not only through feeling your own vulnerability, but also witnessing your partner’s. This again is the power of Chariklo with Mercury. There is some Saturn discipline required to do this, such as conscious breath work to ground yourself in the moment, but it gives you the greatest possible gain in the relationship given the planetary alignment.  

So a quick summary based on your current relationship status:

Committed relationships:

For those of you lucky enough to be in a committed partnership and is looking to deepen your bond as you move forward, this entire spiel was for you and it is a great night to make some magic and practice skillful vulnerability. Mindful sex, slow and non-goal-oriented intimacy can help you reach a newfound and fresh understanding of your relationship.

If you have kids, consider having them overnight at your in-laws, or book a hotel for just the evening. For the more routine couples, don't try to make anything happen, just "ease" into sensuality and intimate exchange without pressure and expectations. Either way, it’s like this night was made for you to deepen your bond, so use it well. 

Dating, not necessary committed:

For those of you dating, and not necessarily committed, perhaps be aware of your personal boundaries because there is heavy influence of the Pluto-Mars sexual energy along with Neptunian projections (Venus/Neptune sextile) to assume commitment when there could be none. It’s ok to have a dreamy and intimate night, just bear in mind that the clock will strike twelve, and you don’t know if you’ve got yourself a fantasy or the real deal until Venus reaches Saturn on 3/21.

With Pluto-Mars please also practice fierce self-compassion and fight back if you find yourself in a precarious situation. Because with this alignment the aggressor/offender can be delusional and argue that the “feeling was mutual” when it wasn’t. On the positive side, within mutually established safety, you can experience heightened connection if you are able to go a little deeper on sharing your practical goals and visions for your ideal relationship


For those of you single, the possibilities of the night can look like this: going out on a group outing when you haven’t dated for a while, and that gives you momentum toward confidence and healing. Or being invited to social functions when you’ve been grieving personal/relational losses, and you find healing just by being witnessed in public instead of sulking at home.

The key-point is to able to touch on a certain level of healing. It does fall on a work/school night, so if you end up home alone, feel free to get into the sensual zone and give witness to your own physical and sensual needs. Body awareness can even come from conscious eating, a relaxing bath, or walks in nature. With Jupiter-Moon conjunct in Taurus, there’s a lot of sensual energy available, and you can be in communion with your sensuality through many different ways. Bottom line: be loving and kind to yourself and have an intimate night no matter where you are.

Contentious relationships:

Lastly, for those who are in contentious relationships, negotiating break-ups, or in an unclear/undefined situation, consider using the energy to reach your own internal sensuality and healing, as described in the singles section. 

For the very selective few, the Uranus/Mercury square can shake the relational foundation to a point of disintegration. In that case, the intimacy available would be geared toward a conscious separation. But I project that for most, even if there are jarring revelations and communications through the night, Jupiter/Moon in the 7th is there to ensure that the exchanges are for the greatest expansion of your relationship that brings you the greatest possible feeling of aliveness and hope moving forward.

And may it be so.


PS. Next Valentine’s in 2025 will be different. More…fast-paced, intuitive, and ”efficient.” Dare I say transactional fast-food love? What does that even mean? XD It’ll be interesting to analyze the chart then.


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