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Star-Weather Forecast: Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 4/20, PART I: Your Apollo 11 Launch - General Forecast

This is the Star-Weather Forecast for the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction on April 20, 2024, 7:27 PM PDT. This is PART I, where we go through the collective star-weather. See PART II for individual forecasts by sign.

Here is the video presentation, or read on:

For the Pacific West Coast Timezone (California, Oregon, Washington, West Nevada, West Idaho, West Canada, West Mexico), this conjunction happens in the 7th house, together with the Sun, in Taurus. They look to Venus in the 6th, conjuncting Chiron, Mercury, North Node. It is further described by Aries ruler Mars in the 5th, having just gone through a purification of its motivations when Mars conjunct Saturn on 4/11.

The Sun squaring Pluto in Aquarius 3rd gives indication of initial communications dissonance, likely due-to financial-related matters in the partnership, as Pluto and Mars rule the 2nd house of this chart. 

So let’s break this down step by step. First, the event of the chart, which is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, happens in the 7th house of relationships with a Libra ascendant, with Libra being the significator of relationships. The Sun also sits in the 7th house, illuminating the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. And Sun/Jupiter/Uranus are in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, another significator of relationships. We are getting a quadruple indication of partnership as a collective focus for this once-every-thirteen-years conjunction. So there will be innovative/sudden/visionary expansions when it comes to partnerships with financial implications attached. In the overall/big picture terms, I’m forecasting a favorable expansion, even healing, because White Moon Lilith is sitting with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. White Lilith here is an indicator of being able to expand in relationships in wise balance because of wisdom learned from past experiences and/or past lives. 

True to the revolutionary spirit of Uranus, the wise balance of White Moon Lilith isn’t reached without turbulence. We’ve already seen major earthquakes in the world, turbulence in our financial systems, food and drugs safety, etc. So we are not denying the more catastrophic side of Uranus in Taurus for both the mundane and personal forecasts. But let’s continue with the personal story arc. 

The Taurus group in 7th house then leads us to look at its ruler Venus in the 6th house, conjuncting Chiron, with Mercury in Rx having already conjuncted Venus on 4/19 and heading for conjunction with North Node 4/25. Past wounds in relationships, possibly regarding commitments and rejections, can flair up and induce feelings of vulnerability. Also resistance in breaking out of the comfort-zone. With Mercury headed for North Node, the suggestion here is to put your best efforts forward in communicating your intentions and motivations for the relationship, no matter how much time it takes. And it is going to take time and effort, because while Mercury typically only conjunct Chiron once a year, it is doing the 1-2-3 with its retrograde this year and meeting Chiron three times over a period of 6 weeks (3/20, 4/15, 5/6), and North Node twice (3/18, 4/25 [almost conjunction]). 

As Mercury is ruled by Mars during Mercury’s transits over Chiron, and Mars sits in Pisces that looks to the Jupiter expansion, it is suggested that we talk about the big-picture dreams, the trans-personal (lofty) visions that can become the inspiration that pulls us forward in the partnership. The Moon sits in Virgo 11th looking at Neptune Pisces in 5th, so be mindful of not becoming mentally stuck on logistical details and digressing into fringe discussions at this time.

For example, continuing with the Lindsay Sterling and marine biology research storyline: As the innovative partnership is coming into fruition with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, both sides would need to take the opportunity to communicate their personal dreams and motivations as well as their visions for the partnerships honestly and on a big picture-visionary level. Which means:

What needs to happen: Lindsay communicates her passion for marine biology and theorizes how her talents in music can assist in ecology restoration. The marine biology team communicates their dreams in public education and social media outreach, etc. 

What will come up anyway: the legal work and insurance involved to get Lindsay Sterling on an expedition ship, and the underwriter/financing requirements and/or government/institutional hurdles. Lindsay’s agents/handlers concerned about her new role as an activist that could potentially shift her fan base, etc.

So remember: do the nitty-gritty details, but always LAND with the big picture dreams. 

As mentioned before, the financial implications of the partnership will be highlighted with the Sun-Pluto square, and will seem to make-or-break the project/relationship. So this is PRECISELY WHY generating momentum around the dreams and visions is so important at this time. Challenges are numerous with Saturn in Pisces with powerful Pluto stakeholders that can make or break you. So the fires of passion need to be burning bright and hot enough to pull the engine through to manifestation. They might end up with a 4-episode series instead of 12, but astrological indications suggest it would likely happen. 

So use your time wisely and discuss DREAMS and your motivations that will keep you fired up through the partnership. Yes, you would still need to discuss the logistics, that’s fine. Just make sure that you keep a clear focus on the big picture dreams. For every logistical challenge, offer at least five points of visionary concepts and goals. 

By the time Jupiter-Venus conjuncts in the last degree of Taurus on 5/23, the Sun and Venus in the 3rd house would be trining Pluto in 12th, with full-moon shining from Sagittarius 9th: indicating a sure manifestation in the interdisciplinary powerhouse that cannot be denied.

If the cards are played correctly, the dissents of the underwriters will yield to the freakish-force-of-nature that is the partnership, because it carries the dreams and visions of the transpersonal consciousness/ether/universe that will not be denied. Even if it will make a palpable ding in finances (Mars-Chiron coming into conjunction in the 2nd house), Jupiter-Venus guarantees manifestation and the yielding of PIuto power. 

Traditionally Pluto in the 12th can be treacherous waters, evoking titanic-level crisis and karmic bullies. But because it is trining Sun-Venus, we see the stakeholders yielding to persuasion and the support of the public. Again, because Saturn is in Pisces, as we talked about, the scope may be trimmed for practical reasons, but the essence can still survive and thrive and make the paradigmatic/philosophical statements and the high-octane impact that sets new standards for what’s possible (full moon in Sagittarius 9th trine Neptune, Neptune 1st sextile Venus 3rd). This could also be the beginnings to developing a new SOP and command structure that sets the foundations for greater ease of manifestations down the road. Meaning the explosion may be smaller than what we wanted at first, but the long-term impact stays significant

In simple terms: make the marketing pitch to each other authentically (Venus-Mercury-Chiron) from a high level perspective, communicate the interstellar out-of-this-world visions that can seem impossible to achieve in one lifetime, and yet the next step seems so eminent and fated. Then manifestation is assured.

We are not shooting for perfectionism. Meaning our vision may be to break the entire glass ceiling/paradigm with this partnership and reach paradigm 2.0. What might actually happen is that you break one critical corner this time, and the rest of the ceiling continues to chip away as you move forward and grow in the partnership. Saturn will make sure the ceiling is demolished systematically per rules and regulations (like abiding by the laws of physics and gravity) and under the watchful eyes of Pluto power who still holds financial and/or political stakes. Focus on the quality of the paradigm shift that would be positive for you and others, and not end up measuring yourself on how much change you achieved

“Shoot for the moon, so even if you miss you end up amongst the stars” - Norman Vincent Peale (1098-1993 American Clergyman)

And in the case of Apollo 11, the most famous example of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (in Libra on 7/20/1969), they literally reached the Moon. Here is the Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Moon Walk chart with Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also in the 7th house.

With Pisces ascendant and Neptune-Mars in the 8th house, many people made sacrifices so that Armstrong could talk about the giant leap of mankind. Chariklo conjunction NN in Ascendant: The speech brought the healing energies of oneness amid woundings and strife on earth (Chiron-Eris conjunct in 1st). 

To translate this for our personal use and inspiration during our current Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: stay inspirational and inspired. With Uranus, there may be a sense of a bumpy ride with both wanted and unwanted surprises. But Venus transits following the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction are also abound and bring gifts and results. You can go watch the Apollo 11 documentary for inspirations.

Here's another reference point for inspirations: the last time Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Taurus 5/7/1941, Cheerios was invented. 

In summary, here's the basic steps of the story arc:

  1. Visioning happens with challenges of feasibility and motivation (Neptune, Mars, Saturn in Pisces 5th)

  2. Opportunity for manifesting the vision through partnership happens (Jupiter-Uranus conjunction), with Saturn challenges of feasibility (Saturn in Pisces)

  3. Work ensues to broadcast/communicate the dreams of reaching a new paradigm for yourself, the other, and the world (Venus/Chiron/Mercury/NN in Aries 6th)

  4. Recognize your vulnerabilities that get activated (Venus/Chiron/Mercury), process the fears of rejection/commitment as they come up to release resistance (see companion #tapwithbrad videos below)

  5. keep broadcasting your passion and motivations even when faced with voices of financial/political/familial/societal dissent (Mercury-NN Aries 6th, Pluto Aquarius IC square Sun Taurus DC)

  6. Forces/synchronicities converge and you find yourself propelled into the brand new world of your dreams (Venus-Jupiter conjunction 5/23)

Pluto is going to retrograde and go back to Capricorn 5/2-11/19, so the stakeholders continue to exert unspoken pressures, in varying degrees, to this new expansion through the year. It takes time for Pluto to get used to this new paradigm/world and settle into the routine, so be patient (See the Skele-Grow Max Pluto transit video). We are going through this until Pluto formally ingress into Aquarius 11/19/2024 and starts a series of trine with Uranus 7/17/2026-5/9/2028, then Pluto starts to get more comfortable and more actively supportive afterwards.  

Recommended EFT tapping videos:

Dream Big and Make It Happen: an hour-long live workshop replay by Brad Yates that’s right on the money for this transit - score! He goes through some powerful quotes in between the tapping rounds with a guided imagery at the end, so be sure to watch the entire video (and skip over his program ads if you wish, or get his program!). Your dreams matter and make a big difference in the world. You are astrologically certified to make it big this year, so take advantage.

Processing Feelings: a shorter tapping round to process any insecure feelings around your "glowing-up" (sub out script for fear of rejection, disappointments, anxieties, fear of failure, etc).

Recommended book:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach (I first heard it from one of Brad Yates' videos). It's an inspirational story about a seagull who breaks tradition from his tribe in order to follow his dreams and fulfill his potential. First published in 1970, so not gender-race-culture aware in today's standards, but like any other classics, it sure inspires.

This concludes PART I. You can head over to PART II for the individual forecasts by sign!



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