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Star-Weather Forecast: See the Rainbow and the Pot of Gold 5/18-5/23

This is the Star-Weather Forecast for May 2024 for all signs. Feel free to watch the video version below or read on:

Before we head over to May, let's review the past month...

Had a disorienting April? Had difficult emotions coming out of nowhere disrupting a sense of positive progress? Feeling vulnerable in letting go of old goals and motivations and stepping out of the comfort zone? If that’s the case, you are on the right track and doing very well.

As much as Jupiter-Uranus conjunction gave us a new direction, it also came with the task of letting go of old stories and belief systems, which can leave us feeling unsure, insecure, and ungrounded. Mercury retrograde traversing between Chiron and North Node (NN) further magnifies this gap between the outdated muscle memories and the new path, and shows us the old baggage we must release to begin the next leg of our journey. This transition can be abrupt, turbulent, and true to the Uranian essence - chaotic. But when we accept the pupation process - a.k.a. the dissolution of old forms without knowing what comes next, we can relax into the process of emergence much more easily.

Again, Venus is the “mascot” planet for 2024 (especially for those of us in the Pacific West Coast Timezone), so when in doubt, look to Venus for stability and “do” your natal Venus for self-care, nurturance, and support. Need ideas? Check out Life Coach and Energy Healer Rimi Yoshida’s blogpost on How to Prioritize Self-Care, which includes a link to a “Rest Quiz,” an insightful test from Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith on which types of rest you most need to replenish yourself.


Now onto the May Forecast and the Rainbow with a Pot-of-Gold:

After the final Mercury-Chiron conjunction for the year on 5/6, clouds start to lift around mid-May, when Venus conjunct Uranus, Jupiter conjunct Sun, both on 5/18 (*celebrate*), then Mars conjunct NN on 5/19 (*slight caution*). Then Venus conjunct Jupiter with a full moon on 5/23 (*fireworks*).

This marks the luckiest week of 2024 from 5/18-5/23 (mark your calendar).

Venus-Uranus 5/18/2024

Jupiter-Sun 5/18/2024

Mars-NN 5/19/2024

Venus-Jupiter w/ Full Moon 5/23

First on 5/18, Venus conjunct Uranus at 7:40am PDT.

Then just 4 hours later, Jupiter-Sun conjuncts at 11:45am PDT.

Usually these annual conjunctions are business as usual and sometimes we experience them as no-big-deal: after all, we tend not to realize it when we have it good. But this year, because of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, these benefic conjunctions of Venus occur in a weeklong concentrated cluster, potentially magnifying the positive effects to more recognizable degrees. And may it be so for the sake of our replenishment and enrichment - we all need a stretch of smooth sailing after 5-years of turbulence since Uranus entered Taurus in 2019.

The relief should be fairly palpable 5/18-5/23. Those of us conditioned to turbulence may need a bit of an awareness-boost to get out of the numbness. So if you’ve adapted to learned helplessness through the pandemic and post-pandemic years and you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop, consciously practice seeing the rainbow at least for the week of 5/18-5/23. If I’m wrong, then you can go right back to bracing for the worst. But if the rainbow may really be there, then allow yourself to really see it and marvel at the brilliance that can come in the form of personal achievements, work/professional/partnership successes, or wherever I said you might be experiencing a “glowing-up” in the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction forecast, PART II. Milk/feel the positivity of these transits, because it involves us actually getting a respite from the long shadows of Pluto as it begins to retrograde again on 5/2, slowly backing into Capricorn 9/1 before coming back to Aquarius again 11/19. You can review this Pluto transit in the Skele-grow Max post. For this split-second: everything is good. MILK IT.

And then, a slight bump and a caveat: because Chiron is still a main player with ruler Mars coming into conjunction with North Node 5/19 (who can behave like “Rahu” in the Vedic sense when in transit with other planets), there is potential here for being sucked into over-indulgence or hyper-reactivity instead of thoughtfulness. The positive manifestation being wise action.

So it is apropos that Moon would be in Libra, together with South Node, to bring temperance and the spirit of reciprocity to the table. When you feel the urge to charge forward regardless of consequence, remember that wounding can happen (to either party) if action based on reactivity is taken at this time. It’s like you’ll be given an opportunity to step forward and step up to take lead in a new role - be proud and celebrate, but do not forget the partnerships that supported you and may still bring you down if you over-inflate (tip: even if there are no circumstances where you can give thanks openly, express gratitude energetically). Integrate reciprocity with action, then the deleterious effects of Mars-Rahu would be tempered. Otherwise, in Vedic mythology, Rahu (North Node) carries a sword and will entice the native to overindulge and grow in ego for him to cut it off more cleanly after, leading to the native’s fall and humiliation. And if this is the path we partake, surrender and give thanks to Rahu’s blessing of humility and clarity. Reciprocity, Ubuntu - I am because we are, is paramount at this time.

Then on 5/23, Venus-Jupiter will conjunct in the last degree of Taurus, with the Moon in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) only 2 degrees away from Full Moon. Pluto-Sun will be in a strong trine supporting the full moon.

This is all the hard work that we have done in the sign of Taurus coming into fruition with positive results. This is Jupiter and Venus leaving rainbows and a pot of gold for us before they close-out their transit in Taurus. We shouldn’t have to look hard to find the goodies, it would be right there in front of us. All we have to do is to claim it and give thanks in the spirit of reciprocity and partnership. Remember, we did not arrive at this Jupiter-Venus accolade alone, so before Rahu forces us to recognize this through humiliating and detrimental means, offer the we-mentality out of your own accord. For example, write a gratitude list with people to thank, opportunities to be grateful for, and honor those who came before you and who are still shoulder-to-shoulder supporting your journey.

Lastly, as mentioned in the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction post, this Jupiter-Venus accolade/opportunity also comes at a financial/physical cost, either for you and/or for the financial stakeholder. So take good care of both during this time and do your Venus self-care routines if there are added physical demands from stepping up to the plate. As mentioned in the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction PART I post, even if you don't control the finances, keep communicating the big visions and dreams for the financial support to eventually align with you.

So here is a fun aside and mundane example: there will be an Apple event on 5/7 at 7am, just 11hrs after the Mercury-Chiron conjunction on 5/6 at 8pm. This can indicate that they may unveil something that they don't have 100% confidence yet, and may be vulnerable to criticism if they take the Rahu-Mars bait and over-inflate their promise. Or this may indicate an announcement of sorrowful news, such as retiring certain products to make way for the new, or even announcements of personnel changes. But just like the personal forecast, if they are able to play the we-card and heed to honest critique, the chances of success for the new announcement is still high because of all the subsequent Venus and Jupiter transits. Another way to play this to Apple's advantage is to use this opportunity to support the "wounded," like veterans, mental or physical trauma patients, recovering athletes, or any kind of contribution to first-response/ER through technological development on the consumer level. And similar to the personal forecast, this development comes at a cost (like needing time for investors to get on board R/D, but that is old news), and can potentially propel the company into a "brand new role" in society. Maybe partnering with Lindsey Stirling and marine biologists (basically any influencer with a professional expert) to save the environment? Hey, if I can dream it, it could happen! XD

Ok, that's my 3 minutes of fun. Here's the recommended video for this month. We go straight to the heart for some deep nourishment of the soul, and a tribute to our shared humanity and the spirit of Ubuntu - I am because we are. So sit back, relax, and melt into the sweetness of this beautiful soul:

And another beautiful message from a beautiful soul. She said, "Be kind to others, but be kinder to yourself. Love others, but love yourself more." And so many other beautiful and quotable takes on life, I won't spoil it here. Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Enjoy:

If you have some time to peruse, the same channel offers many other inspiring videos with diverse voices and perspectives. May you find lots of soul satisfaction and enrichment from them.

Have a success-filled and joyous month of May~ Namaste❤️


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