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Star Weather Advisory: "Skele-Gro Max" 1/20 Pluto-Sun Conjunction, 5/2 Pluto Rx, 10/11 Pluto Direct

On January 20, 2024, at 5:45am PST, Sun will come to conjunct Pluto at 29°59' in Capricorn, just 1' away from Aquarius. Then on the same day at 4:56pm, Pluto enters into Aquarius at 00°00'.

I'm calling this the start of the "Skele-Gro Max" experience until after November 19, 2024, when Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius for the last time in our lifetime.

You can watch the video version below or on YouTube:

Starting with the Pluto-Sun conjunction 1/20, the conjunction itself is not particularly rare. It happens once a year, with a transit time of roughly 2 days (as the sun moves 1 degree a day). So why is this conjunction "special"? Turns out for the last 5 years, the Pluto-Sun conjunction has been happening in the 1st house in the Pacific West Coast Time Zone (California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Western Canada, Western Mexico). Meaning as a collective we have been going through a gradual personal identity death/transformation that spans over 5 years. Below is a list of Pluto-Sun conjunction from 2019 through 2026:

2018 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 3rd House (PST)

2019 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 2rd House (PST)

2020 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 1st House (PST)

2021 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 1st House (PST)

2022 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 1st House (PST)

2023 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 1st House (PST)

2024 Pluto-Sun in Capricorn 1st House (PST)

2025 Pluto-Sun in Aquarius 2nd House (PST)

2026 Pluto-Sun in Aquarius 2nd House (PST)

......(see Figure 1 for 2019-2024)

(the conjunction does not happen again in the 1st House until 2036, in Aquarius)

2036 Pluto-Sun in Aquarius 1st House (PST)

[Figure 1, below] Top row left-to-right: 2019, 2020, 2021. Bottom row left-to-right: 2022, 2023, 2024

Notice that 2020-2024, the conjunction happens consistently in the 1st house, meaning our personal and collective identities have been "dying" for the past 5 years. The structures of who we think we are have been dismantling very slowly and consistently. In Capricorn, it's like breaking and removing our bones one by one, loosening the structural integrity of the "self" until we can no longer sustain our old personal identities and outdated societal functions.

It's like when Harry Potter broke his bone in a quidditch match and Professor Gilderoy Lockhart performed a faulty spell: instead of mending the bone breakage, he removed Harry's arm bone entirely, leaving the arm limp. Rinse and repeat this for all the major bones in the body and do it over a period of 5 years, we then have where we are now - in limbo on a hospital bed, having all of our critical structural support removed. And now as we are down to the last couple of minor bone removals, we begin to drink the Skele-Gro. Slowly, and likely painfully because it is over a long stretch of time, we begin to regrow the bones. And we are not growing the old bones back, we are growing a new set of bones/structural support that can better channel the transpersonal consciousness (Saturn in Pisces) to the physical world. This is where we are for this year.

With Pluto retrograding back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn in 2024, it is saying a very similar thing. For the 1/20 ingress chart in the Pacific Time Zone (Figure 2), Pluto is in the 7th house conjunct Sun (exact conjunction happens 5:45am PST in Capricorn, then Pluto ingress into Aquarius 4:56pm). We are seeing the need for new relational paradigms (Pluto ingress into Aquarius in 7th), because we have shifted in our personal identity (Pluto/Sun conjunction in 1st house). This can happen in personal and business relationships, and anywhere we'd need to be relational (the exact circumstances will be based on our personal charts).

[Figure 2, below]

But because Pluto will go retrograde again on May 2, 2024 (Figure 3), then backup into Capricorn September 1, 2024 in the 1st House, there are small details of the old paradigm that continues to be dismantled, like removing the last minor bones in our old self. As we continue to make adjustments to our personal identity, naturally our relational identity remains in flux.

[Figure 3, below]

[Figure 4, below]

Then Pluto goes forward again on October 11, 2024 in Capricorn (Figure 4), then on November 19, 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius and will not return to Capricorn for the rest of our lifetime. This final Pluto ingress into Aquarius happens in the 12th house (Figure 5). With 12th house lord Saturn in the 1st House, we are looking to establish a level of foundational morality and disciplined path to developing a new paradigm. It's not about having our new personal and collective identities set in stone. But having agreements on basic ethics and preliminary ground rules to be able to develop further our new identities as a singular entity and a collective.

[Figure 5, below]

An example of questions that help to establish a new personal morality: is releasing the physical and injecting our consciousness into AI moral? What about human and AI relationship? It may not be on that scale that we experience these Pluto transits, but it is asking us to consider what new identities are we looking forward to becoming, and what old ethics and morality will need to be broken in order for us to move towards a new outlook for ourselves?

The most obvious example that's already in play: the Vatican approving the blessing of same-sex couples (see Vatican declaration here). They do draw the line at legitimizing/giving sacrament to same-sex marriage (for now), but the movement to remove old structures in order to have a new organizational and relational outlook is there. Project that onto our personal lives, where the last few degrees of Capricorn and the first few degrees of Aquarius fall, and we have an idea of where the Skele-Gro is in effect "for our greatest good."

So hard, challenging, and unavoidable structural changes that feel like a de-boning continues until Pluto formally enters Aquarius November 19, 2024. And then we still have a bit of Skele-Gro left to go until Saturn enters Aries formally on Feb 13, 2026. A reminder that we are in a year of Compassion, and to please be gentle and kind toward yourself and others, and ask for help when you need it. And if you see someone in need especially a couple of days around 1/20 and 2/21 (see previous post), offer help where you can.

I know that these advisories can sound fear-mongering, so a reminder here that I'm posting this in the spirit of relieving anxiety or guilt for those who might go into self-blame over encountering difficulty through these transits. If you are having a great time, flowing with life, safe and healthy and having a blast with everyone, then please honor that and release this article. Just read it as reference for what some other people might be going through and refer them here if you see fit. That is all.


rev. 1/20/2024


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