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Star-weather Advisory: February 21, 2024 "Vulnerability Advisory"

On February 21, 2024, 11:14pm PST, Venus and Mars will conjunct in 3rd house Aquarius for those in the Pacific Time Zone. Given the proximity to the Full Moon coming a couple days later on 2/24 and Venus/Mars being the rulers of the South Node/North Node, and Chiron conjuncting North Node at the same time, I am issuing a "Vulnerability Advisory" around a week before and after 2/21.

Read on, or you can watch the video version here:

The Venus-Mars Conjunction Chart on 2/21/2024, cast for the Pacific Time Zone:

Note the following placements (counterclockwise from bottom of chart):

  • Venus and Mars conjunct in 3rd house Aquarius, with Pluto and Chariklo (Cyan)

  • Sun/Saturn in 4th house Pisces (Red)

  • North Node conjunct Chiron in the 5th (Blue)

  • Jupiter/Uranus/White Moon Lilith conjunct in the 7th (Magenta)

  • Waxing moon in Leo 9th heading into full moon a couple days later on 2/24 (Orange)

Given the NN conjunction with Chiron, NN ruler Mars conjunct SN ruler Venus, there is potential for extreme vulnerability, where communications with our peers and partners (related/close or otherwise) could drudge up our past and trigger past hurts that are unprocessed.

It brings about the moment of truth when the spotlight reveals our nakedness centerstage, and there is nowhere to hide our hurt pride (NN/Chiron in 5th). Instead of falling into defensive mechanisms of fight/flight/freeze, actively practice self-compassion, establish a mutually safe space if possible, and communicate the vulnerable heart even if it seems to pain the ego. Watch for the tendency to want to hide behind morality, reasoning, appearances, or be detached from vulnerability (Moon in 9th Leo).

Chariklo is right there blessing the transformational exchange, next to the Venus/Mars conjunction. At its best, this chart gives the ability to heal on a very deep level that propels humanity to a new level of wholeness, wellbeing, and possibilities of deep connections with our immediate and wider communities. At its worst, it's either emotional reactivity that leads to external conflict - which is always a potential with Pluto/Mars conjunction, or emotional suppression that can trigger addiction or harmful coping behaviors - when the Pluto/Mars conflict is turned inward.

When in doubt, use EFT tapping and self-compassion practice to process rising fears and emotions. With Sun and Saturn in the 4th house, apply self-discipline to actively move toward self-compassion, and not toward emotional suppression and self-deprivation. Otherwise the internal self-talk could have us project fearful scenarios and go into reactivity.

If we are able to walk through the fires of purification and communicate, which includes both expressing from equanimity and active listening, Jupiter/Uranus/White Moon Lilith in the 7th will give rise to a new form of partnership that leads the way for others and gives experiential wisdom to the next generation. Use this chart well, exercise agency.


rev. 1/4/2024


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