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Star-Weather Forecast: Solar Eclipse 4/8/2024, Saturn-Mars Conjunction 4/10/2024

This is the Star-Weather Forecast for the Solar Eclipse on 4/8/2024, 11:20AM PDT, together with Mars-Saturn Conjunction on 4/10/2024, 1:36PM PDT.

Here is the Solar Eclipse chart:

For those in the West Coast Timezones (California, Oregon, Washington, West Nevada, West Idaho, West Canada, Baja California), the solar eclipse happens in the 10th house in our collective chart with the ascendant in Cancer, which is also our collective ascendant of the year. With the chart ascendant ruler, Moon, and 2nd house ruler, Sun, conjuncting the chart event, we can expect personal identity and financial vulnerabilities around the Eclipse. The eclipse conjuncts Chiron in Aries, indicating that there are old/outdated motivations that will be released from us. The Eclipse answers to Mars, and Mars will come into conjunction with Saturn just 2 days later on 4/11/2024. And we need to look into this conjunction because it further describes what we would experience for the Eclipse.

Mars-Saturn conjunction is traditionally a difficult conjunction, which means there is an added intensity to the Eclipse - as our motivations toward people/places/circumstances are being released in this cycle. Mars-Saturn conjuncting in the 8th house can indeed point to the experience of a crisis point that can explode into aggression when expressed externally, or implode into anxiety and depression when expressed internally. So the story arc can look like this: The Eclipse removes our passion and drive for appearing as a certain role in society, or taking on a certain reputation around our social circles, and we hit a crisis/existential point.

The good news is that because the Eclipse conjuncts Chiron, and the Aries cluster looks to Mars, Jupiter, and eventually Venus: we are essentially letting go of motivations that carry the signatures of survival/defensive mechanisms that we adopted as a response to past trauma or wounds. After the release, we can then move forward with intentions that truly align with our spirit. So the release is really about shedding misguided intentions and motivations that will no longer serve us at our next stage of growth and expansion (Jupiter-Uranus conjunction 4/20/2024). And we'll start to see the positive material results of this story arc around the Jupiter-Venus conjunction on 5/23/2024 at 29°23' of Taurus.

Here's a hypothetical example:


You've been dreaming of a better world/community, and so you've decided to run for mayor to make changes and reforms. You come from a political background and/or family, so you have a knack and natural talent for being a public servant, and you're using it to your advantage.

But with this Eclipse, it is possible that: 1. you lose motivation for certain platforms that you once stood for and you hit existential crisis within yourself and for your campaign, and you have to rethink those campaign issues. And/or 2. you lose endorsements and financial support from certain people/organizations, and you have to rethink your position and regroup financially.

And as you clear away old platforms that may contain misguided intentions, you get clearer about where you stand, reaching a crescendo "aha" with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on 4/20/2024, when you are ready and open to receive a new batch of endorsements and financial resources. And by 5/23/2024, when Jupiter-Venus conjunct, it's possible that you start to see results in terms of generating support from the constituents.


All this to say: when you feel like you are hitting crisis point early April, keep your eyes on the front windshield, release the past, and keep moving forward toward the "new." Otherwise if you keep your focus on the rearview mirror, aka "holding on to what you've lost," you would be manifesting the Mars-Saturn conjunction in terms of anxiety, instead of embracing it as it restructures your intentions and motivations for the better. In other words, the golden goose/old baggage that falls out of your car during this time is actually good for you to let go anyways, so trust the process. Take care of disappointments if it comes up, practice self-compassion and EFT tapping to bring awareness and kindness to the situation. We'll all see the light and the purpose behind this release soon enough and get a view of the new vista.

And for those who don't know the silver lining in this story arc and fall into reactivity, we practice compassion and send them love. No judgment, no willing them to be any different. We honor their process and send lovingkindness. And for those who are astrologically inclined, we maybe encourage them to see the clearing in these rejection-like events or circumstances.

A reminder here that we are experiencing partial solar eclipse (roughly 0.5) in the Pacific West Coast, so in the mayoral race example, you would likely still run come November and just go through a restructuring of your campaign platform that potentially shifts your demographics. But for those in the Total Solar Eclipse zones (TX, AR, OH, NY, etc), they may be experiencing something more extreme, maybe a deeper existential crisis for one's own beliefs or the campaign's positions, and dropping out of the race may be on the table or at least making more radical shifts in campaign platforms/financial alliances. So nationally, I don't rule out extremes for those in the Total Solar Eclipse zone, and that's food for thought for the presidential election on 11/5/2024. But for us in the West Coast Timezones, I would forecast congruent shifts (instead of a complete uprooting) that may seem destabilizing at first, but would turn out to aid us positively on the long run.

Another example:

[Partial Eclipse Zones (West Coast)] My family wanted me to be a heart surgeon, but after the eclipse I lose interest in the specialty and go into existential crisis. After clearing out the baggage of old intentions and motivations versus my own dreams, I restructure my intentions and decide to become a trauma/ER surgeon. There is some shift in scope for my social and professional reputation, but not to the extreme.

[Total Solar Eclipse Zones] My family wanted me to be a heart surgeon, but after the eclipse I lose interest in becoming a doctor and go into existential crisis. After clearing out the baggage of old intentions and motivations versus my own dreams, I develop new intentions for becoming a medical researcher. There is a more drastic shift in scope for my social and professional reputation in this case.

For the sign-by-sign forecast, please review the Venus-Saturn conjunction by sign in PART II of the Spring Equinox forecast. Wherever I said would be the arena where you need to concretize and refine your scope, is where you may experience some anxiety due to the universe eclipsing out old motivations in the following house, in order to prep you for an expansion in the arena where I said there would be growth. I personally read this period as supportive, like spring cleaning. There's going to be some dust, so some gagging reflex is to be expected, and do some tapping for self-care. [sign-by-sign examples in video]

Leave the past in the rear-view mirror, tap on the fear, anxiety, disappointments that come up, and keep looking forward - even when you have to pause for a bit and vacuum before moving on. The advice here is to continue to be aware of what resonates with your dreams that pair very well with your natural talents. You won't be made to shift toward something that is completely foreign. The universe would just be clarifying your vibrations so you attract synchronicities better.

And before I close, of course I'm going to include a couple tapping videos by Brad Yates, this time about releasing the old:

Remember to sub the scripts for your own circumstances. Failure would be absolutely eminent if life is about the destination, because everything arise and fall away. So thank goodness we can enjoy the journey in the present, ride the waves, and have some fun when we can!

Happy Easter and/or Happy Transformations! 🐤 🐰 🐥 🎁 🌈 🦋 🥚🥰



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