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Real-Estate Timing and Astrology

As a licensed architect, I am naturally interested in all things architecture and real-estate when it comes to astrology. Specifically, I became interested in how exactly we can see the timing of real-estate purchase in the chart.

Read on, or you can watch the video version here:

The following are observations that I made analyzing a handful of charts. My methods are loose and subjective, but somehow I think the conclusions make sense, which are the following:

  1. As expected, Jupiter in the 4th does often indicate potential real-estate purchase. Jupiter in the 5th can also refer to having children that compels residential shifts.

  2. Pluto can signify fated changes/gains/losses around real estate, given relevant house positions and indicative aspects.

  3. Saturn can signify the sowing and reaping of real-estate related efforts, given relevant house positions and indicative aspects.

  4. Movements in real-estate can be a byproduct of other major events in life, such as starting a family, rise in status, investments, and/or dissolution of relationships. In some cases the real-estate event can only be seen in a chart in hindsight.

Let's examine the following charts as examples. [Note: the names have been changed and birth info removed for privacy.]

Example 1: an easy spotter. Here's Manny, a professional in his 60s. He purchased his first home with his then-wife in January of 1996 (Figure 1A), when he was in his 30s. We see Jupiter expectedly sitting in the 4th house, and Sun/Neptune/Uranus/Mars/Mercury clustered in the 5th house of children. It would not be difficult at all to place his real-estate opportunity in between 11/22/1995 (Figure 1B, when Venus conjunct Jupiter, with new moon conjunct Pluto in the 4th) until 1/15/1996, when Jupiter leaves the 4th house. Very straightforward.

Figure 1A (below): Manny's transit chart on 1/1/1996. Notice Jupiter transiting the 4th house around that time.

Figure 1B (below): Manny's transit chart on 11/22/1995. Notice Jupiter/Venus/Mars conjunct in the 4th, with New Moon conjunct Pluto in the 4th.

Example 2: Let's look at Pluto as an indicator. In Lacey's case, a professional woman in her 50s, she made her first real estate purchase in February of 1993 (Figure 2A). In the transit chart, we see Jupiter sitting in the 5th house of children, so we can safely assume that as Jupiter transited the 4th a year prior, she expanded her family, perhaps got married, and was ready to make a residential move to accommodate the kids by the time Jupiter entered 5th house. No surprise there.

Figure 2A (below): Lacey's transit chart on 2/15/1993. Notice Jupiter in 5th house.

Lacey then continued to make real-estate investments, the next one around May of 1999. And we see the potential just from her natal placement of Pluto/SN/Jupiter conjunct in the 4th house. The group gives her the power and expansion in the home front that could be the result of past karma and/or ancestral blessings. For her transit chart around 05/15/1999 (Figure 2B), we see no significant transits around the 4th or 5th house. We can perhaps loosely assign significance to Venus close to the 2nd house of resources and personal assets, Jupiter in the 11th house for potential investment, as well as Pluto transiting 6th house, signifying necessary changes in daily routines. But these are correlates in hindsight only. Meaning I personally would not be able to forecast real estate purchase from the 1999 transits in advance, but it indeed happened.

Figure 2B (below): Lacey's transit chart on 5/15/1999, her 2nd real-estate purchase. Notice Venus in 1st/2nd house, Jupiter in 11th house, Pluto in 6th house.

Same situation with her 3rd purchase in July 2005 (Figure 2C), where there's nothing in the 4th house. The only indication of purchase would be Jupiter in the 5th corresponding to children, repeating the circumstances of the first home purchase in 1993. Uranus in the 10th can also indicate sudden relocation, and Pluto in the 7th can denote relationship changes that could lead to a necessary house move. I did not ask for specifics for this last home purchase, but there is a possibility that it came about or coincided with shifts in relationships. Either way, this type of home move due to a potentially destabilizing event would not be a projection that I would be willing to give in advance.

Figure 2C (below): Lacey's transit chart on 07/15/2005, her third home purchase. Notice Jupiter in 5th house, Pluto in 7th house, Uranus in 10th house.

Overall, because Lacey's natal 4th house is so robust with the Jupiter/South Node/Pluto conjunction, there is the likelihood of being able to make a real-estate purchase every 12 years as Jupiter transits the natal Jupiter cluster. I would project that the same impulse to expand in real-estate would surface every 12 years as Jupiter transits her 4th and 5th houses. So while I may not have been able to project her 1999 purchase for reasons stated above, I would be able to advise Lacey to be aware of real estate opportunities that seem to cycle to her every 12 years.

Example 3: Here is another easy example. We have Jim and Sophia, a couple in their 50s. Their charts correspond nicely to their joint home purchase in January of 1997. In Sophia's transit chart (Figure 3A), we see Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus/Sun neatly clustered in the 4th house at that time. This is an obvious event with all the right significators aligned. If I were to forecast real estate purchase for Sophia prior to 1997, I would have been able to make the projection for the same period and be correct. The Jupiter/Neptune/Sun transit in the 4th house is hard to miss, with Venus and Mercury trailing not too far behind to signify the beautification of the home.

Figure 3A (below): Sophia's transit chart on 1/15/1997. Notice Jupiter cluster in 4th house.

The same purchase event seen from Jim's chart (Figure 3B), we see the Jupiter cluster in his 5th house of children. Time-wise, I would've projected a range of 11/25/1995 to 11/9/1996, when Jupiter transited 4th before entering 5th. Knowing that his first child came around April of 1996, we can see that the push to find a home may have already started in 1995. Then the house was found later in late-1996 to early-1997, shortly after the birth of their child.

Figure 3B (below): Jim's transit chart on 1/15/1997. Notice Jupiter cluster in 5th house.

Example 4: Here is Helen, a professional in her 30s. She purchased her home in November 2013 (Figure 4A), and it was a Pluto/Venus transit in her 4th house that indicated the event, with Jupiter in the 10th signifying an expansion in social status and reputation. And by the time Jupiter came about to transit the 4th house and conjunct transit Pluto, as well as transiting her natal Mars, she decided on a kitchen/bath renovation. According to Helen, the renovation process had been a challenging one with many stop-and-gos in between. So in this case, it was Pluto that was the significator of real-estate purchase, while Jupiter signified renovations.

Figure 4A (below): Helen's transit chart on 11/15/2013. Notice Pluto/Venus in 4th, Jupiter in 10th.

Example 5: a mock exercise (with a real chart). Sean here is a professional in his early 30s, just going through Saturn return transit at the time of this article. Let's assume that he wants to know potential timing for home purchase, and see what I can tell him. My instinct is to immediately find when Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn transit his 4th house. Since Saturn and Pluto are too far away from the 4th to be of significance in the near future, I look to Jupiter transits to find that around December of 2030 (Figure 5A), Jupiter will conjunct the Sun and North Node in the 4th, along with Venus and Mercury also in the 4th. At this point, I can safely give Sean this projection and call it.

Figure 5A (below): Sean's transit chart on 12/1/2030. Notice Jupiter cluster in 4th.

However, is it possible that there could be cause for earlier date of purchase prior to 2030? Based on the observations so far, the answer is yes. As Pluto slowly transits his 5th house of romance and children, and Saturn enters his 7th house of partnerships by 2/24/2024 (Figure 5B), pretty much anytime Sun/Venus/Mercury/Mars cluster around Saturn or Pluto, which can happen yearly with the faster moving planets, you get a potential life-event such as marriage and childbirth that can trigger real-estate events. So now I would be more inclined to offer a timeframe that widens the net, which would be from 2/24/2024 to 12/29/2031, when Jupiter transits out of his 4th and into the 5th. And based on the above examples, the exact timing could fall on transit Jupiter in the 5th with children, so extending the period into 2032 would not be unreasonable.

Figure 5B: Sean's transit chart on 2/24/2024. Notice Pluto/Mars/Venus in 5th, Saturn in 7th.

Of course a window of 8 years makes no sense as a forecast. So what I would advise is keeping his eyes peeled for life event-triggered real-estate opportunities prior to 2030. Then in 2030-2031, the desire and the need for home expansion would become apparent if no purchase had been made by that point.

Example 6: Finally, I'd like to offer my own chart. This is where we see Saturn come into play as a real-estate significator. Around the time of my condo purchase around April of 2017 (Figure 6A), Jupiter was transiting my natal Saturn in the 11th house. So in this case, the event signifies for me the fulfillment of a long-term goal that carries investment themes. The dispositor (or sign ruler) of Jupiter, Venus, does end up in the 4th house corresponding to the home and hearth. But Venus conjuncts Chiron with Neptune also in the 4th, so there were difficulties in financing and I went through a couple close calls in the mortgage application process. The purchase went through eventually, but not without significant effort. Another interesting note, I've had to do extensive renovations on the place, which could be a distinct characteristic of Saturn as a real-estate significator: needing to do work to make it work, such as renovate, rebuild, and/or overcome hurdles in financing.

Figure 6A (below): My transit chart on 4/15/2017. Notice Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn in 11th house, Venus conjunct Chiron in 4th house.

Interestingly, when I sold the condo in April of 2022 (Figure 6B), it was Jupiter that pointed to the sale as it was transiting my 4th house then. As an architect and a designer, I cared about the place being presentable during open houses and took pains to clean and stage it to my personal satisfaction. It sold at a good price point, and the transits reflect it with Jupiter conjunct Neptune - being able to tell the story and offer the dream, and Venus following close close behind to conjunct Jupiter days later signifying good proceeds.

Figure 6B: My transit chart on 4/15/2022. Notice Jupiter/Neptune/Venus in 4th house.

I'd like to note that because my natal Saturn is in Libra, it's been my experience that my Venus gains always need to follow honest and hard work, and only if I have done the work. I don't get a free ticket even if it's transit Venus trying to shower me with gifts. The saving grace is that with my Saturn placement in the 11th, I do reap rewards if I diligently sow.

So the above have been my observations on timing and real-estate, I hope the examples are helpful. Bottom-line: use Jupiter transits over 4th/5th house for quick reference to real-estate opportunities. Then check Jupiter transiting correlating houses that could affect the native's 4th. Then check Pluto and Saturn transits for major life events that can cause residential changes. Again these are loose observations, but hopefully an effective guideline to quickly project upcoming real-estate potentials. Namaste.


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