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Metta For The Weary

For those of you needing this, you are in my lovingkindness prayers...

Metta For The Weary

May you find peace in overwhelming sorrow

May you touch love amid torrents of hurt

May you see light shining from your own heart - and know how achingly beautiful you are

May you melt into your own sweetness, like God’s grace on a warm sunny day

May you behold your existence with awe and reverence like a sacred hymn

May you embrace your brilliance like prayers from your angel’s lips (you are prayers answered, beloved)

May you smile at fear, all the way to heaven


May you laugh with God, all the way to the grave


[For Metta Meditation practice, start with

"may I..." then

"may you..."

"may we..." and finally

"may all beings..."]



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