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Star-Weather Forecast: The Dynamic June 2024, Everything Everywhere All At The Same Time

This is the Star-Weather Forecast for June 2024 for all signs, especially in the Pacific West Coast. Feel free to watch the video version below, or read on:

Overall this is a busy month for everyone where the energies are multi-directional and situations demanding our swift response will come up. That's because faster personal planets will begin entering Gemini and square Saturn and Neptune (the vision-to-reality duo in Pisces), meaning we are starting to see and intuit the need to take responsibility for our hopes and wishes and the energies naturally propel us into intellectual action. And corresponding issues and tasks will surface at this time for us to process and resolve.

We start the month in late May with the Mars-Chiron conjunction on 5/29. This is an extension to the Mars-NN conjunction on 5/19 that we covered in the May 2024 forecast and the litmus test to whether we kept our humility in stepping-up to our new roles. If we remained humble and in gratitude of our support system, then Mars-Chiron 5/29 would be like a salve - being able to let go of motivations like shedding excess weight. If we get caught in identification with our shiny position and ego inflates, then this readjustment of motivations will feel like a blow and we'll get hooked into reactivity and even aggression. Essentially Mars-Chiron can put salt on our unhealed wounds so we know where we haven't healed. If we use this energy wisely, we make the necessary "sutures" or amends with ourselves or others to heal the wounds. Gratitude for what was and consciously acknowledging the growth we received from these wounds can greatly shift our perspective and aid the healing process.

Then, on 6/2, Jupiter trines Pluto exact. Because both are slower moving planets, Jupiter will actually trine Pluto within 1 degree for a full week 5/30-6/6, giving us a week of flow with the power-holders or financiers of our projects (personal or business).

Then just 2 days later, we have Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and Venus-Sun conjunction both happening on 6/4, with Mercury-Jupiter trining Pluto and Venus-Sun trining SN/Sextiling NN.

This means that from 5/30-6/6 (after Mars clear away from Chiron, and before a series of squares with Saturn and Neptune begin on 6/8), there is a window of opportunity to establish mutual and amicable understanding with the power-holders, build the channels of communication in preparation for the whirlwind of activities that are coming the rest of June. So for the first week of June, setup the communications network, release pertinent information for mutual processing (without pushing for conclusion), and build rapport while all parties are mutually receptive with a series of beneficial trines.

From 6/8, faster moving planets will begin to square Saturn and Neptune in Pisces from Gemini. 

6/8 Venus Square Saturn (friction between public opinion, pragmatism vs. conservatism)

6/9 Sun Square Saturn (creative dissonance, differences in approach, potential gridlock)

6/12 Mercury Square Saturn (friction of the new leaving orbit of the old)

6/16 Venus Square Neptune (pragmatism vs. purism, frustration of gap between the dream and reality)

6/17 Mercury Square Neptune (commerce and profitability vs. meaning and purpose)

6/20 Sun Square Neptune (the charisma and leadership of the one vs. the welfare of the all)

As the Gemini cluster begin to square the "vision-to-reality" duo of Saturn and Neptune, we will be starting to tackle the real-life hurdles that chisel our great work.  Multitudes of communications and coordinations will start to ensue in June and continue through the summer as Mars transit Gemini 7/20-9/4, and Jupiter continues to transit Gemini through 2024. Basically for the rest of the year, we are negotiating the terms and conditions that arise from being in transactions for our visions. Those who are in communications and acting as brokerage of any kind will be in a back-and-forth frenzy - so basically everybody in the modern world

There are too many transits to count in June, with not one particular transit in major focus. Which means even transit patterns are behaving like "Gemini," as in it is "multi-faceted" and its attention goes where the wind blows. And the winds blow all over the place in June. So the advice here is to not anchor yourself in anything solid or set any plans in stone, because we're going to experience June like it's Mercury retrograde: busy and also conflicting information swirling about. Fine with going a certain direction one day, and not fine with it the next. Try not to settle into any major life decisions or sign major contracts if you are able to take more time for consideration. 

For any contracts, if they don't naturally settle around Jupiter-Venus conjunction 5/23, or before the squares begin 6/8, then wait for the winds of change to crescendo with Mars-Uranus conjunction 7/15. Then when Mars enter Gemini 7/20, the window for affirming any sort of partnership would open again between 7/20 and 8/5, after which Mercury goes into Rx 8/5-8/28. Just a note that Saturn retrogrades 6/29-11/15, Jupiter retrogrades 10/9-2/4/2025, and Mars retrogrades 12/6-2/23/2025 so personally I would use the second half of the year to do due-diligence and make adjustments to current plans, and not initiate new grandiose schemes. I'm not talking about postponing professional contracts and/or transactions that happen on a day-to-day basis for almost all businesses. I'm talking about the contracts that are life-changing. 

i.e. If you must make a huge move across the country during this time, get temp housing instead of signing a contract immediately for a housing purchase. Use this time to do research, house hunt, which are both in alignment with Saturn/Jupiter Rx themes, then purchase after both Jupiter and Mars go direct end of Feb 2025. At that time, all planets are direct. 

So to give you a full force of what June transits look like, here is a selection:

May 25 Jupiter enters Gemini Jup 0 Gem 00'

May 29 Mars 22 Aries 10 conjunction  Chiron 22 Aries 10

May 31 Mercury 24 Taurus 08 conjunction  Uranus 24 Taurus 08

Jun  2 Jupiter trine Pluto Jup 1 Gem 53' trine Plu 1 Aqu 53'Rx

Jun  4 Mercury  2 Gemini 13 conjunction  Jupiter  2 Gemini 13

Jun  4 Sun 14 Gemini 30 conjunction  Venus 14 Gemini 30

Jun  9 Mars enters Taurus Mar 0 Tau 00'

Jun 11 Mars  1 Taurus 45 square  Pluto  1 Aquarius 45

Jun 12 Mercury 19 Gemini 11 square  Saturn 19 Pisces 11

Jun 14 Sun 24 Gemini 06 conjunction  Mercury 24 Gemini 06

Jun 16 Venus 29 Gemini 52 square  Neptune 29 Pisces 52

Jun 17 Venus enters Cancer Venus 0 Can 00'

Jun 17 Mercury 29 Gemini 52 square  Neptune 29 Pisces 52

Jun 17 Mercury  0 Cancer 20 conjunction  Venus  0 Cancer 20

Jun 20 Sun 29 Gemini 53 square  Neptune 29 Pisces 53

Jun 22 Mercury 12 Cancer 02 square  True Node 12 Aries 02

Jun 26 Venus 11 Cancer 34 square  True Node 11 Aries 34

Jun 26 Mercury 19 Cancer 25 trine Saturn 19 Pisces 25

Jun 28 Mercury 23 Cancer 12 square  Chiron 23 Aries 12

Jun 29 Venus 14 Cancer 40 sextile Mars 14 Taurus 40

Jun 29 Saturn Retrograde Sat 19 Pis 26'Rx

Don't worry about it if this list is giving you a headache, because it gives me a headache, too. This is just to demonstrate the flurry of energies we'll be experiencing in June that is truly Gemini in nature - everything everywhere all at the same time. We'll get a slightly restful period early July as planets enter Cancer to trine Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. And then things pick up again after Mars conjunct Uranus on 7/15. We'll cover all that next month.

For now, any practices that assist us in being in the present moment, surfing the waves of life will be hugely beneficial. Focus on one day at a time, one hour at a time, present moment, now. And as always, don't forget self-care, self-compassion, and taking care of your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual needs.

Here are the recommended videos to help us manage potential stresses coming up this month. First is the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise that helps us shift from stress to calm.

Then below is a video introduction to the Box Breathing Technique that physiologically and psychologically brings us relaxation and relief from anxiety.

Lastly I just want to remind all of us that aspects (conjunction/sextile/square/trine, etc.) between faster moving planets and slower moving planets are relatively common and can happen regularly (even in terms of weeks if we're talking about Moon aspects). So even though there are a lot of squares in June, it's nothing to be particularly alarmed about. In the context of this year's story arc, we are just starting to need to take responsibility for what we say we want, process feedback for our ideas, and play ball with our partners. In other words, it is rubber meeting the road, maneuvering through the obstacles so we can get to the destination. This can also be exhausting as we enter into new situations with new roles and responsibilities. So while Uranus remains in Taurus up to November 2025, I will keep reminding all of us to take good care of our physical body and recharge as needed. Overall, challenges in June can be numerous, but so are the rewards of progress.

Have an awesome, busy, and dynamic June! Namaste❤️


As mentioned in the video, here are the 7am meditation livestreams from Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA:

I particularly enjoy Gil Fronsdal's morning meditation/talk series, and many other teachers go on rotation as well. Happy sitting.


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