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January Astrological Updates - Lunar New Year 2023

First, Happy Lunar New Year 2023, the Year of the Rabbit!!! May it be an abundant and fulfilling year for you! :)

For the January astrological update, we focus on the 1/21/2023 Lunar New Year chart, as it shows us our collective headings and available energies through the year.

Note: this is an analysis particular to those residing in the SF Bay Area in California. The chart would have a different interpretation for those living outside the area. So here we go:

The ascendant for the Lunar New Year falls in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. And this year, Mercury sits in the 8th House for us in the SF Bay Area. This means we are keen on diving deeper into the purpose and meaning of our work and business partnerships, and wanting to think deeply or be able to dig deep and transform the value and worth of those partnerships beyond the superficial.

We know Mercury is focused on business partnerships, joint assets, and opportunities because it is in the sign of Capricorn, a sign of career, vocation, and work. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, also sits in the 10th house of career, public reputation, and social status. In addition, Venus conjuncts Saturn also in the 10th house in Aquarius. Venus is a significator of relationships, so as she sits in the 10th house of business in the sign of Aquarius that points to community and humanity, we are hyper-focused on commerce and business relationships with an emphasis on the stewardship of the collective well-being.

In other words: businesses without clear humanities guidelines will not be in alignment with the energies of this year and will be called-out. For instance, Twitter, Meta, TikTok, and other social platforms will need to find at least a thread of common humanity or a tone of collective care in their core values. Otherwise, watchdogs like Nobel Peace Prize laureate and journalist Maria Ressa, who blew the whistle on companies withholding scientific findings that proved the harmful effects of neuro-marketing and its exploits, will be the “Saturnian” and “Venusian” figure that disciplines in public forums the lack of goodwill and global citizenship.

The Saturn/Venus conjunction in Aquarius in the 10th house further echos Uranus in the 12th house in Taurus (both Saturn and Uranus rules Aquarius). Again, all of us are being asked to evaluate our foundational values and our roles in society in trans-generational and trans-personal terms. We can no longer separate our personal truth and values from the collective trajectory of humanities. We must make the necessary shifts that align us with generational well-being and integrate that with our work, social roles, and mainstream personas. Especially with North Node conjuncting Uranus, it is the “destiny” of our Bay Area collective to make some unfamiliar and uncomfortable shifts for the betterment of our communities.

The good new is, we are ready to engage in these difficult conversations and topics - of integrating humanities into a profit-driven economic system. We will not be able to hide the wounds suffered through the separation of humanitarian values from finance. They become one and the same this year, and the collective consciousness is awakening to be able to see their interconnectedness.

For the individual, we will be very vocal about wanting genuine accountability from those who hold power. And we will be willing to make the pioneering moves to shift us towards a more justifiable social environment. There will be friction and pushback of course, but this year we will have a very clear and focused view on collective-based goals and intuitively know we’re given the time-space synchronicities to start pulling that higher humanitarian vision, and even philosophical ideals, into reality.

Here are a couple of reflection questions that are in alignment with our collective energy in 2023:

  • Are we in business/public/intimate partnerships that go beyond the superficial?

  • Is the business partnership set on the foundation of bettering our community and the greater collective? If not, where can we start a deep conversation and learn to steward our collective well-being?

  • What fundamental structures and paradigms within our organizations - public or private, would we need to transform in order to honor “community” and “global citizenship”? In other words, where are we treating our closest partners as means to our monetary gains without care and stewardship of our shared humanity, and vice versa?

  • Where can we courageously make known our private wounds and find ourselves echoed by many others who in turn support our transformation and healing?

A final point: to make it very blunt, even if we set money and income as our collective goal this year, the chart clearly shows that the quality and quantities of our economic transactions are still contingent upon the community values we instill and implement for our business partners and customers. Even if we are just starting to make those shifts, being transparent about our higher intentions and actually taking actionable steps for the betterment of the collective will bring us loyal supporters and potential investors.

Final final point: I know I’ve focused on business partnerships, but the collective focus extends to every intimate partnership with whom we have any type of financial tie. We must bring a sense of the collective well-being into our financial partnerships this year.

[For the astrology enthusiast, see chart image above for placement breakdowns.]

To close, OUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS this year. Meaning no empty promises, or we will be nabbed. Of course, action can include speaking up and speaking out, and also motions for change. The energies are asking us to do the step-by-step work for the collective good and be courageous in admitting our own inexperience and vulnerabilities. If we are honest in stepping towards that direction, we would be in full alignment with the year’s energies and be rewarded with community support, financial gains, and spiritual developments - personal and organizational.

Have a great month and an amazing start to 2023!!! Happy New Year!!!



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