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Inspired Short: Letting go of attachment

“From 200 and up [on the scale of consciousness]…divinity begins to become a reality and consciousness itself is the fastest pathway to God…You say, well, what is holding it back? The attachment. So one of the attachments is the secret pleasure we get out of emotions, including negative ones, and the secrete pleasure we get out of experiencing."

"You look at experiencing as you’re listening to me now. You’re experiencing the words, you’re experiencing the audience, you’re experiencing the setting, and that’s happening of its own. Now you ask yourself, could you let go of wanting to experience the experience of it. Then you might say yeah but maybe I wouldn’t experience it then. Don’t worry about that. The fastest way is to let go of wanting to experience experience. You’ll see that you have a craving for experience. In fact everybody here is an addict. We’re all addicts, experience addicts. We need to take the 12 steps to recover from addiction to experiencing. We’ll start a new 12-step group: Dear God I need help, I’m addicted to wanting to experience experiencing. That’s a fact. So step one is to tell the truth that you’re hooked on experiencing experience. That’s where you get your jollies."

"If you do nothing but lay back, then the Grace of God reveals all to you effortlessly. There’s no need to seek, to get, to gain, there’s nothing to experience because it’s beyond experiencing. Because it becomes identity. You only experience as a duality. There’s an experiencer and then there’s that which is experienced. That duality has to be transcended. There is only that which is, and with no division to experiencer and experiencing.”

-David R. Hawkins, "God vs. Science: Limits of the Mind", Lecture, February 2007, Veritas Publishing


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