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Inspired Short, and a check-in

"Be humble, for you are made of dung. Be noble, for you are made of stars."

-Serbian proverb

And keep on exploring. We have quarantine, we have circumstances beyond all of us, but this is exactly the time where extreme conditions inspire new ways and insights. The question: how do we bring the breathtaking vista of the mountaintop to where we are - right here, right now? A possible answer: seeing the noble in the mundane, and know we live in miracles each day. Train our eyes to see the ordinary as part of the extraordinary, and receive the gift.

For the mars retrograde check-in, with my mars in ninth I'm noticing a return of teachers and teachings that have crossed my paths before. As mars begin to square each of the professors in Capricorn, I'm getting ready to receive some illuminating information regarding health and daily routines. Changes will have to be made, but I get a sense that it would be welcoming and aligned with my deeper knowing. What interesting times ahead, and I look forward to the next check-in.


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