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2022 December Energies


Wishing everyone a warm holiday season and a fabulous New Year!

Here we go with the December Energies that I'm personally expecting and looking forward to receiving :)

First, here are a couple of dates of interest for December 2022:


Dec 3, Sat. - Neptune Direct in Pisces

Dec 6, Tues. - Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 7, Wed. - FULL MOON in Gemini

Dec 9, Fri. - Venus enters Capricorn

Dec 20, Tues. - Jupiter enters Aries

Dec 21, Wed - Sun enters Capricorn

Dec. 23, Fri. - NEW MOON in Capricorn

Dec. 29, Thurs. - Mercury retrograde in Capricorn (until Jan. 18, 2023)


Mars still retrograde in Gemini

Saturn still in Aquarius

Pluto still in Capricorn


North Node still in Taurus, South Node still in Scorpio


Here is the chart for Christmas Eve at 5pm in Santa Clara, California:

In short, by Christmas Eve, we will have a New Moon and stellium (4+ planets in the same sign and/or house) with Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and the Moon all in Capricorn. For everyone, this New Moon stellium is trining Uranus and the North Node (N.N.) in Taurus, so believe it or not, we can expect some unexpected and practical ideas to flow regarding some positive changes we've been wanting to make, and take the next steps in strategizing in more concrete terms. We can expect this energy through the month with heights around 12/14-12/22.


Saturn has been departing from its square to Uranus since the last Christmas, and will completely leave the squaring energy by 3/7/2023, when Saturn ingress into Pisces. So we have time to make certain adjustments in our long term dream in alignment with our transit Uranus/North Node placements. Then after 3/7/2023, we can begin to anchor our many changes to an actual point-of-reference, project, or endeavor, and start pouring foundations.


For Christmas Eve 12/24, Mercury will sextile Neptune, then Venus follows to sextile Neptune on 12/27, so we are looking at a couple days with sustained elevated energy that is on a higher octave to take us through the holiday gatherings. The higher frequency will tend to inspire hope, love, and open up more access to a sense of togetherness and the intuition to appeal to one another's higher-self, through spoken or unspoken communications. There are, however, caveats to that general rule. See Christmas Eve Weather Advisory above.


Getting back to the start of the month, the Sun is still opposing retrograde Mars until 12/7. So for the first week of December, we'll need some patience in understanding that while we may feel the impulse to go into action towards our goals, the energy for unhindered forward movement won't be fully there until Mars go direct on 1/13/2023. Nevertheless, with Sun in Sagittarius, we are asked to manifest the joy of dreaming big and shooting for the stars. Along with the Full Moon in Gemini next to Mars on 12/7, we are asked to have fun sharing our dreams and exchange/bounce ideas in lighthearted spirit. As a general rule during Sagittarius season 11/22-12/21: if you are dreaming of something that you can easily achieve, you are not dreaming big enough!


Personally I would also watch for the stellium sextile the South Node one by one, also around 12/14-12/22. These will be trigger points that inspire us to further release what no longer serves us. It culminates on the New Moon 12/23, when the slate is wiped clean (to the best of our abilities), and we start moving toward our next goals. So any deep-cleaning that we suddenly feel compelled to do in physical/emotional/psychological terms, take note and do so.


Just as a personal example, as the South Node transits my 4th House, I am due for a very deep house and office cleaning so that there is mental space available to receive those ideas that will come sprinkled throughout December. And those ideas will correspond to transiting North Node and Uranus, now in my 10th house of career and public reputation.


Here is a quick note on all the transiting South Node placements. Again, this energy is persistent throughout December with completion by New Moon on 12/23:


If S.N. is transiting your 1st house, get ready to release old belief systems around your self-conception and your capacity to grow, evolve, and change - so that new ideas surrounding a more sustainable partnership (personal, business, or otherwise) can come through with ease.


If S.N. is transiting your 2nd house, get ready for some deep release around old paradigms and value systems that no longer serve you - so that new ideas surrounding intimacy, partnership, or even joint finances and inheritance have room to come through.


If S.N. is transiting your 3rd house, get ready for some deep release around siblings, neighbors, or your modus operandi surrounding communications and learning - so that a higher view of your philosophical underpinnings and life goals can be revealed and revamped.


If S.N. is transiting your 4th house, get ready for some deep cleaning surrounding your home and hearth, literally as in cleaning and changing residence, or metaphorically as in clearing family issues - so to allow room for new illuminations around your public role and persona.

If S.N. is transiting your 5th house, get ready for some deep clearing and release around your personal relationships/love life, creative pursuits, and/or children - so to allow room for new insights around your long-term goals or your role and contribution as a part of a larger community or soul tribe.


If S.N. is transiting your 6th house, get ready for some deep clearing around your day-to-day routines, including work and health - so to allow space and mental availability for some alone time to dream and connect with the higher realms, or whatever you choose to do that brings you closer to oneness.

If S.N. is transiting your 7th house, get ready for some deep clearing around your relationships and partnerships, personal or business - so to allow room for new ideas around personal growth and the time and space to take action when Mars go direct in mid-January.

If S.N. is transiting your 8th house, get ready for some deep clearing around your shared resources, intimate partnerships, and any lingering shadow-work or mental clearing work - so to allow room for a simpler life based on a clear set of values that bring material security, comfort, and fulfillments.

If S.N. is transiting your 9th house, get ready for some deep revelations that put assumptions into question around your philosophical underpinnings and world view - so to allow new curiosities to arise that compel new learnings or a renewed/refreshed relationship with neighbors or siblings.

If S.N. is transiting your 10th house, get ready for some deep clearing around your career and public reputation, major shifts and changes are expected to happen around work - so that new ideas and initiations surrounding the home front can come through to revamp your home life.

If S.N. is transiting your 11th house, get ready for some deep clearing around your larger community and/or soul tribe and shifts around your long-term goals - so to allow more space and focus for your personal creative pursuits and time for children and/or romances in life.


If S.N. is transiting your 12th house, get ready for some deep revelations and release around your spiritual beliefs and practices, or any sense of unconsciously following herd mentality - so to allow a more practical mindset to anchor your intentions into practical work and routines that assist your health and day-to-day wellness.





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