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Easter Sunday Reflections

There is such a joy in seeing wishes fulfilled.

In meditation today I tasted something of that feeling place where everything is so new and shiny and all questions answered and all desires met with such ease as a nod of my head. It is a realm beyond song and expressions. It's a place where I stand in ecstatic joy drinking in the potentialities of the past, present, and future simultaneously.

In these interesting times, I've been turning to spiritual teachers for inspiration. Not for illumination, because in truth I feel no darkness, but for reflections of my own sense of tremendous light and excitement. Of all the teachings, I end up resonating with Paul Selig's guides once again. We are indeed being primed to be in the Upper Room. And the trick is, we leave the baggage behind. We allow ourselves to simply be in the Upper Room, and the perspective shifts where we no longer need the baggage to define who we are.

So at this point, without resisting the surface turbulence we're all experiencing, I am solidly ecstatic and resolutely thrilled in the depth of my being and through the heights of my spirits, that transformation into something new has finally begun to enter the collective consciousness. And in ways where our higher wishes and dreams will begin to materialize so fast that the mind will not be able to comprehend. It would be alchemical and seemingly magical beyond words.

No, we can't predict what's ahead. And that is the point. We simply surrender to the truth and beauty of our being with joy and ease.

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