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Dharma Refuge

This has been a time of great release. And sometimes there is a lot of grief. One of the most interesting phenomenons I've observed within myself is the accelerated cycles of emotions. Genuine grief and deep sobs that arise seemingly out of nowhere at one time, and the next I'm experiencing great relief and joy as the most synchronistic teachings miraculously fall into my lap.

Mars is retrograding in my ninth, so I'm not surprised that Buddha dharma has become once again my refuge. The ninth house denotes institutional religion, and while I'm not a big fan of institutions, I do feel inspired by talks and teachings that draw from Buddhist philosophy. It is a type of fierce kindness that cracks away the calcified heart. Very apropos of the hammer of Thor that was formed by Venus, Mars, and the three professors. Dharma chips away the belief that my life should be the way that it is not. There was emotional release, and then upliftment by the truth that we are enough just as we are, and joy is available in every situation when we see that this too shall pass.

And the teaching doesn't have to be serious to be deep. The Aha's I've been getting have been from Ajahn Brahm's jokes. They bring levity to life and turn wisdom into common sense. His guided meditation was just what I needed to bring awareness back to the body and release the grasping of the conditioned mind. After all, the only way to be alive in the here-and-now is to be in the body. During this Pluto cycle there were old habits shed and new habits formed to assist the body, and having dharma appear to assist the mental piece is just bliss. It feels nice to laugh along with dharma. There is true refuge there. Namaste.


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