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A Moment to Honor: Women's Suffrage Centennial

On the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women's right to vote, I'd like to take a moment and honor those who made my world today a better place. I can vote, start a business, voice my opinion openly and honestly and be counted in democracy.

I continue to be carried by sisters, and brothers, in all areas of my life. And as they continue to make a difference in their respective fields, I join them in solidarity in transforming mine. Just by being here, in the arena, being who I am.

I honor the continuing evolution of the divine feminine, and also take this opportunity to honor the father, the divine masculine: You are not forgotten, and I honor you equally in admiration and gratitude. For the yin cannot exist without the yang, and the rise of the feminine can only be a true manifestation of the heart when the masculine is also fully seen in his strength and mastery. It is in mutual recognition that the two in our world of dichotomies can begin to play in wondrous synchronicity.

I am grateful as we step across this centennial and look ahead to new co-creative times. May all of our hearts unite.

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