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Honoring Recharge

Lately I’ve been looking at honoring the way I charge and recharge my batteries, and a major part of that is through ether. Which would seem like void, emptiness, nothingness to the six-senses.

Someone once told me that after yoga and spiritual work, I seem to be gone and unrecognizable from their perspective. I didn’t know how to verbalize it at the time, but that’s exactly the state of my recharge. When the perspective is so expansive, that whatever stands in front of me becomes a part of is-ness. Only diving into that state do I reemerge with clarity and readiness to interact with the world. Recharging this way is how I can hold the perspective of infinite possibilities - and that’s my source of empowerment and freedom.

There is a part of me that recharge from something-ness, from interaction, travel, engagements, and we label that extroversion. And that’s beautiful too. I am just beginning to be more aware of the insecurity and vulnerabilities that come up in attending to the introverted needs without shame, guilt, and apologies.

Movies, massages, and shopping are good, and social time with friends and family is excellent. They are a part of my life, and I need and love all of those things. It’s just that taking a walk in oak grove, surrounded by nature, while listening to Deva Premal chanting Moola Mantra is a very special kind of bliss that I truly wish to honor more and more.

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