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This Is What I Love

I am inspired to make a list of what I love and make it simple. Real simple.

This is what I love on a worldly level -

I love exercising on the elliptical while watching youtube videos

I love shopping for clothes that fit and look great on me

I love sheer and natural makeup

I love a good hair day and adore a fabulous hair day

I love fresh-cut flowers in clear glass vase

I love porridge and spicy wontons and sushi and a great cup of hand-crafted coffee

This is what I love on a soul connection level -

I love moments like this when I'm writing and blogging away on a lovely Saturday afternoon

I love yoga sessions where I'm focusing on the here-and-now instead of where I should be

I love sparks and inspirations that flow through meditations and recording-and-listening practice

I love a good self-growth book that gives me aha-moment after aha-moment

I love sharing a range of silly to everyday to heartful conversations with friends and family

I love a nice nature walk with lots and lots of sunshine

This is what I love about this country -

I love that I live in a political system of checks and balances

I love that regardless of how I perceive our political leaders, I am guaranteed constitutional rights to take a stand on human rights, gender equality, social equality, and environmental issues

I love that I live in an area of diversity where I enjoy a mix of cultures and delicious foods

I love free speech and Berkeley and Peet's Coffee

I love that all fifty states are unique and amazing

I love that I have free will and the freedom to keep making choices to the best of my knowing

Much love to all on this Taurus SuperMoon. And so it is.

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