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Evening Grace

So it's been a tough year, tough month, tough week, heck - tough life. Don't we all agree that we've all been through hard times, no matter to what degree.

Like everyone else, I go through emotions. I've laughed and cried and everything in-between'ed. And as I sit here in the stillness of the night, I realize that there is a certain nectarine sweetness in going through it all.

In expressing anger when I'm raging fire

In crying a river when I'm steeped in sadness

In radiating passion when inspiration hits

In tasting the limitless flavors of our human experience

From the very infinite depth of my heart, I know this to be true: It is a privilege to be here. To be breathing. To be held by each other's witness into existence. To be able to touch someone. To sing.

I am so grateful.

*Photograph by Gregory Colbert. Ashes and Snow.

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