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On Grounding

On my walk once again, reflecting on grounding. It had been increasingly difficult for the past 3-5 years for me to ground to earth. I had guessed that it was due to a mix bag of physical, mental, energetics, spiritual, and environmental factors. A new perspective came to me on the trail, and here are some notes I jotted down on my walk.

"Earth itself is Maya. There is nothing to ground to when that illusion has been seen. What's left is the great knowing, the universal consciousness that is an emanation of the great emptiness that resides in the center of our knowing. That core is the center of intuition.

In this new age, we are no longer bound by earth. Call it a prelude to space travel, or even, dimensional travel. We no longer ground to this plane as the only reality. In a new earth we no longer ground outside of ourselves.

Grounding to earth has become too small. The new shift grounds us to the center of the universe where dimensions converge. The galactic point is reflected at the center of our being."

Of course this is reflecting our shift to the Aquarian age, but I would not in this lifetime see those changes in concrete terms. My intuition is that my purpose here is transitional, meaning I hold the vibration to loosen up the old to welcome the new. I am not the new. I am the holder of space for the old to subside and the new to arise.

In the meantime, I still need to ground somehow. So what I'm practicing now is grounding in knowing and consciousness itself. It is how I plug into source, and then letting that source power animate me through this world.

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