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Care. Gratitude. Appreciation. Compassion.

Care. Gratitude. Appreciation. Compassion.

The four words that researchers at HeartMath institute found to be optimal for heart-mind coherence.

We talk about love often in the social and spiritual context, and we momentarily forget that while love is universal, it is also a very unique and individualized experience. Translated into the scientific language, the feeling of love, in terms of wholeness and oneness, happens when the electromagnetic field of the brain and the electromagnetic field of the heart becomes coherent at 0.1 Hertz.

The resonance becomes antennas tuned to the frequency of love, that channels the memories of love from the larger field of infinite potentiality. When we are coherent at the heart, our experiences, visions, and perceptions naturally align with the wholeness feeling of love.

Tuning in to the heart chakra, I sense this coherent resonance and infinite potentiality flowing through me now.

*Photo taken at Portland Japanese Garden

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