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We Are Connected

Slides taken from Gregg Braden's Wired to Thrive talk on Hay House

(source of slides unknown)


Photograph of Universe

from Hubble Telescope


Imaging, field of energy

from Chandra Telescope

Inspired by Gregg Braden's talks from his program Wired to Thrive.

The juxtaposition of the two images of universe touched me deeply and I could feel a profound implication. In the optic world, as shown by the Hubble image, each spark is one. In the energetic world, as shown by Chandra's X-ray imaging, all are connected as one.

My peace is world peace. My peace matters and I matter. Conditioning relates my worth to what I do, how much attention my work and my appearances get, and how much money I have and make. This juxtaposition shows I matter by default. My wellbeing contributes to the web of wellbeing. There's nothing to do. No one to become. No worth to be earned. Just a continual emergence of fulfillment itself.

Taking this moment to send gratitude to everyone who lives simply, peacefully, and chop wood carry water in stillness. We contribute to each other's realities, and I am grateful to be connected in synchronicity.

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