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Star-Weather Forecast: Lucid July 2024, waking up on life's stage

After the frenzy of June, we start July with a period of respite with Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer, trining Saturn and Neptune in Pisces.

There will be an intuitive sense of this period being the calm before the storm, as Mars continues to inch towards Uranus and will conjunct and congeal into a bigger storm "weather front" by 7/15.

And before we continue, first, apologies for the late upload. I had been traveling and was only able to complete the video companion now (7/4). So feel free to watch the video below, or read on:

Here is a short list of planetary aspects in July:

7/2 Sun in Cancer [square] NN in Aries

7/2 Venus in Cancer [trine] Saturn in Pisces

7/3 Mercury in Leo [opposite] Pluto in Aquarius

7/10 Jupiter [sextile] NN, [trine] SN

7/10 Sun in Cancer [trine] Saturn in Pisces

7/11 Venus in Cancer [trine] Neptune in Pisces (REST before this time)

7/12 Venus in Leo [opposite] Pluto in Aquarius

7/15 Mars in Taurus [conjunct] Uranus in Taurus

7/19 Venus in Leo [trine] NN in Aries

7/21 Sun in Cancer [trine] Neptune in Pisces

7/23 Sun in Leo [opposite] Pluto in Aquarius

Overall July will be separated into 2 sections: before the Mars-Uranus conjunction, and after the event. Before Mars conjunct Uranus on 7/15, we have a period of rest that will intuitively feel like the calm before the storm. There are certainly more difficult aspects between fast moving planets and the slower moving ones, but they are looking to be manifesting - forcing us to take action, grind forward, or make the effort to switch necessary gears.

Then the major event of July: Mars conjunct Uranus. In the west coast time zones, the conjunction happens in the 10th house of public reputation, career, and social roles. They are in Taurus, looking to Venus in the 12th house (almost conjunct ascendant). And Venus looks to the Sun also in the 12th house, which looks to Moon in Scorpio 4th house, before it looks in opposition back to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This is NOT COMFORTABLE. We can forget systematic interpretation for a second and just look at the symbols: 10th house, 12th house, 4th house, Moon detriment in Scorpio 4th, and Mars instigated and aggravated by Uranus. We then get a direct sense of unrest and agitation even without the analysis. Here is the chart:

We enter the analysis through Moon in Scorpio in the 4th house. This Moon is the ultimate driving force behind the brewing of activities. With Moon in Scorpio in IC 4th house, there is subconscious fear and a sense of crisis brewing in our emotional awareness. Sun and Venus in the 12th house are described by this Moon, meaning we would intuitively understand the higher purposes of the events and action/reaction we may encounter during this time, and sense the workings of karmic balance. And this knowing naturally arises as circumstances compel us to respond and throw out some of our own punches.

The storyline is that we find ourselves lucid on stage, mid-scene, in life's production of some drama (Hamlet, Valkyrie, or Hamilton, depending on your situation). It is as if our consciousness pops out of our body as we deliver our lines, and suddenly we see ourselves performing in slow-motion clarity, and we become aware of actors, stage design, lighting, staff, as what they are: elements in a play, animated by the same source of consciousness (or creative intention, if you will). And as we raise our sword to kill Claudius, we become conscious of ourselves playing the role of Hamlet, and that with all our love and compassion has no desire to harm, but the play is in motion, and we are mid-strike and know we will execute the scene. We see the horror and poignancy of the play and also the deep love for humanity's complexities all at the same time. That - is Leo ascendant, Leo Sun in the 12th, Leo Venus in the 12th, Scorpio Moon in the 4th, looking to the chart event of Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 10th and Pluto Aquarius in the 6th. We see ourselves playing the roles of humanity with all its graces and perversity, and we also see with lucidity of us being the co-executors of the wheels of karma. Ultimately, this points to the ability to experience expanded awareness of compassion and universal/unconditional love for all of humanity, even as we find ourselves "mid-strike" in the role of a villain (or the revolutionary).

Conventionally, this chart would be interpreted as the blowing of the war horn for strife and conflict. On the surface, there would be a rising of certain unstoppable and fated circumstances that compel swift and drastic, if not forceful, response. This could easily translate on the international stage, or wherever on the personal front we might be made to be on the compulsory defense or offense. Venus opposite Pluto guarantees a sense of power struggle for control. It is the archetypical fight between the Taurus instinct to maintain the status quo and Scorpio's impulse to transform. And it mirrors the Moon in 4th house vs. Mars-Uranus in 10th house, which can be the story arc of initiating external conflict for the sake of defending inner security.

So there is potentiality that for the UEFA championships and also the Olympics, we not only will see the aggression played out in terms of sports competition (the type of aggression that leads to new world records even), but certain incidents, likely politically-charged, would occur to force swift and forceful response by the governmental entity whose sense of security is challenged by the offense. And so assigning the same logic back to the personal, we may need to practice compassion and self-compassion more intently during this time to make sure that our reactions do not result in long-term consequences that deter our true and ultimate intentions and purposes. To put it simply, we may be asked to "sit with the itch" and not scratch it to make it worse, even though we would be fighting our instincts to do so. Either you decided to strike back or not, remain present.

Another possibility, and in my book the best case scenario for the Mars-Uranus conjunction chart, is moving forward with revolutionary ideas and explorations that can be shocking to the status quo, either externally among our friends and family or internally with our own cultural and familial inheritance. The planets are aligned in a way that gives us lucidity in terms of the universal evolution, and the action we would be compelled to take, eyes wide open, to fulfill the evolutionary destiny.

i.e. This could be about replacing a segment of the economy and workforce completely with AI - fully knowing the controversy and unease it may cause in society and in individual family units. Yet we go into it with a high-level awareness that this is somehow tied to universal will and natural evolution, so even as we experience external criticism and even internal resistance, we charge forward. We will find our actions destabilizing our sense of security, and yet on the other hand, we know that if we don't take that action, our chance of any future security falls to zero.

So to summarize the possibilities of the Mars-Uranus conjunction chart:


We can be directly emotionally irked to retaliate in ways that disrupts the status quo for the sole purpose of releasing our inner tension and insecurity. In those cases, see if you can sit with the itch, and invoke self-compassion. Here is a short loving-kindness meditation by Sharon Salzberg to help us shift from contention to ease:


We can also be connected to the universal evolutionary forces and feel the impulse to shift toward a brighter future. These changes also cause unrest and disruption in the status quo, but in this case, we have a knowing of the natural evolutionary progression, so we wisely choose to feel the discomfort and take action anyway. Here is a powerful tapping round to get clear on the perceived costs and benefits of change, so we can take that revolutionary step forward:


The darker version of this is Sophie's Choice (1982 film starring Meryl Streep). You can read the synopsis on wikipedia for reference. At this level of vibration, we see ourselves trapped in a story arc that we cannot exit unless we exit this life. If you see yourself going down that spiral, connect to unconditional love, loving-kindness, and self-compassion. Find a way to reaffirm that you are valued and loved for simply being you. Helping someone else in need can be a great way to recall your inherent worth. Or listen to meditation music, walk in nature, and do what your Venus calls for in your natal chart and transit. Here is a track that I return to when I need to reset my vibration. It is the Tibetan Heart Sutra sung by Malaysian composer Imee Ooi, and the clear intention of the music itself grounds us into the sacred and uplifts regardless of our comprehension:

As I mentioned in the Pluto transit post, the sense of turbulence continues until 11/19 when Pluto formally enters Aquarius for good and will not return for the rest of our lives. By then, it is not that change will slow down, in fact, change continues to increase in speed; it is that by then we've shifted enough of our lives to take constant change as the new norm and we're able to benefit and even take some pleasure from it, especially when Uranus starts to ingress into Gemini 7/7/2025.

So for those of you able to take a short break during the first half of July 2024, please do so. And then the advice here is to find ways to ground and exhaust any unease, irritation, aggression that may come up the second half of July.

May you be safe

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you live with ease

May all beings be safe

May all beings be happy

May all beings be healthy

May all beings live with ease

With love.

Have a great month of July. Namaste❤️


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