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Book Share: “Fight Right,” by Julie Schwartz Gottman & John Gottman

This is a book share and summary of Julie Schwartz Gottman and John Gottman’s latest book, Fight Right, How Successful Couples Turn Conflict Into Connection. In my opinion, this book can easily apply to ANY relationship in our lives: intimate, family, friends/peers, colleagues/work, even internally toward the self.

Watch the book share here (in 2 Parts): PART 1 : Conflict 101

PART 2: The 5 Fights Everybody Has

Here's something that might entice you to pick up the book: The Top 10 Myths About Conflict (pg. 82-113, hardcover):

Myth # 1: Once we find a solution to a big fight, we'll be all set - no more fighting Myth # 2: If conflict exists in our relationship, we're not supposed to be together Myth # 3: A conflict is a problem to be solved Myth # 4: One of us is right, and one of us is wrong Myth # 5: Men are more logical than women; women are more emotional than men Myth # 6: The best conflict management is logical, rational and unemotional Myth # 7: Negative emotions are bad and should be avoided

Myth # 8: Nobody can hurt you unless you let them Myth # 9: You have to love yourself before you can love somebody else Myth # 10: To be "allowed" to have needs, we have to justify or explain them

Enjoy, and be inspired! Namaste ❤️


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